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The Champagne Stopper that’s 100% better than a Silver Spoon

The Champagne Stopper that’s 100% better than a Silver Spoon

Champagne is a luxurious and celebratory drink, but once the bottle is open, it can be challenging to keep the bubbles from going flat. That's where champagne stoppers come in handy. But with so many options available, how do you know which one to choose? In this blog, we'll explore why the Coravin Sparkling device stands head and shoulders above other Champagne stoppers on the market.

Unlike traditional Champagne stoppers or "silver spoon" tricks, the Coravin Sparkling device is specifically designed to keep your bubbly effervescent for an extended period. The combination of a stopper and charger ensures a reliable and lasting preservation solution. By closing the bottle with the stopper and injecting CO2 with the charger, the device effectively maintains the wine's carbonation and bubbles for up to 4 weeks, and sometimes even longer. Before we go any further, let’s explore the other Champagne Stoppers and methods of closing/preserving the bottle.

1. The silver spoon trick?

The "silver spoon" trick involves placing a silver spoon handle-down inside the neck of an opened Champagne bottle. It is believed that the spoon helps maintain carbonation. However, this method is largely ineffective as it does not provide a proper seal, allowing the carbonation to escape. The spoon does not reintroduce CO2 into the bottle to replace lost pressure, leading to a rapid loss of fizz.