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Coravin Partner Program FAQs

Coravin Partner Program

I have a small wine list or an inexpensive wine list, is the Coravin program right for me?

Absolutely! With Coravin, you are able to maximize your profits on any wine list. With a Coravin System, you only add an average of $0.30 to $0.40 each glass of wine you serve. You can easily see a full return on your investment within the first month!

Why should I order directly with Coravin? Can’t I just order off Amazon?

Ordering directly with Coravin is the best way to order your products. By ordering direct, you receive discounted wholesale pricing, exclusive on-premise only products, capsule subscription plans that further reduce your costs, marketing support and a dedicated Coravin representative that can help you with your program.

Should I pour behind the bar or in front of the guest?

While both formats work, we will always encourage you to pour in front of your guests to provide an elevated experience. Pouring in front of your guests also generates interest at neighboring tables and has shown to increase wine sales.

Should I pour into a glass or a decanter?

We recommend pouring into a measured decanter to help keep tighter control of your pour costs. It’s also a much cleaner presentation when pouring tableside.