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Quick Start Guide

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Pivot gebruiken

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Getting Started with Pivot™+

The Pivot System being unscrewed.

1. Unscrew Capsule Cup.

A Coravin Capsule being inserted into the Pivot Capsule Cup.

2. Insert Capsule.

Pivot Capsule Cup being screwed back onto the Pivot System.

3. Quickly screw Cup onto System until tight.

Pivot stopper being inserted into a wine bottle.

1. Open bottle of wine and insert Coravin Stopper with Cap open immediately. Ensure Stopper and bottle are dry before inserting.

Pivot System being inserted into a wine bottle with Pivot Stopper.

2. Insert Wine Tube into Stopper, pushing until you hear a click.

Pivot System on bottle being tipped over a wine glass.

3. Hold bottle and tip Spout over glass. Press and hold Button to pour wine. Release to stop pour.

Pivot System being pulled off of a bottle and Pivot Stopper.

4. Pull System off bottle and close Stopper immediately.

Stream of water flowing into the spout of the Pivot Wine Preservation System

Reinigen van het Pivot® Wijn Conserveringssysteem